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Posted 25 April 2012
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NY Magazine Weddings Spring 2012

Dragonfly meets Bear featured in NY Magazine Weddings Spring 2012 issue.

Posted 25 April 2012
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Brides Magazine April 2012

Dewey' featured in Brides Magazine April 2012 issue

Posted 19 April 2012
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What the Beep?

Our very own Patrick Fenton, one half Swayspace partner and one whole design fanatic, was interviewed for the online article What the Beep? Why Digital Sounds Are so Annoying appearing on the blog LiveScience. Check him out! Patrick Fenton, bathing in so

Posted 16 April 2012
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We Made It!

You may  recall that last year we were involved in the Art of Craftsmanship Revisted in conjunction with LVMH and Parsons. Out of that lovely curated show on Governors Island, we were picked as one of the subjects of a new book of artisans in New Yor

Posted 5 April 2012
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'Tis Wedding Event Season

We did it BIG this year!!Over the past couple of months, we've been getting ourselves sorted out to present our work at two of New York's premier wedding events: Wedding Crashers and New York Magazine Weddings. We've shed blood, sweat and tears (well, not