5 April 2012

Letterpress, Weddings

‘Tis Wedding Event Season

We did it BIG this year!!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been getting ourselves sorted out to present our work at two of New York’s premier wedding events: Wedding Crashers and New York Magazine Weddings. We’ve shed blood, sweat and tears (well, not tears but…) designing and printing pieces for the events. One piece is a 5 color, 2 sided¬†recipe card and acts a guide for couples looking to order wedding invitations

Said recipe cards, in their cute vintage Japanese recipe card holder

and the other is a 3 color press kit, reminiscient of a vintage book

Here’s the press kit in all its glory

(we’ll be sharing blog posts on both of these soon).

We conceived of two different booth designs that represented us well and suited each event to a tee.

Our Wedding Crashers table, made entirely from Freshdirect boxes
The New York Weddings table concept was “tools of the trade”. We used typecase drawers, composing sticks and all manner of studio accoutrement to assemble this table

Here are a selection of photos from the two events, starting off with Wedding Crashers:

Our pennants flying high at Wedding Crashers
Guests clamoring to take a peek at our book
The pretty interior of the Green Building; the space hosting Wedding Crashers 2012

…And now to New York Weddings:

Pat and Rachel chatting up some guests
We made paper flowers by printing on to coffee filters, and then dipping them in ink
The Metropolitan Pavilion hosted the event; a huge space filled to the brim with wedding specialists

After all that preparation, each event really went swimmingly. We made some great contacts with other folks in the wedding industry, met some lovely brides and grooms who were very complimentary of our work and we’re ready to get on with all the designing and printing we have lined up.

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