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Posted 31 August 2012
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From Brush to Pixel to Press

The folks at figured out how to incorporate hand-painted textures and algorithmic rule sets to create a series of gorgeous digital watercolor maps. We were asked by Jason Kottke to translate one of these maps into a letterpress printed piece, t

Posted 3 August 2012
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Shout It From the Rooftop!

For the past six years, we have had the honor of designing the Summer Program Guide for Rooftop Films. Each year, we've kept the grid, layout and styles consistent. But this year we changed it up by making the guide much smaller.We had to transl

Posted 3 August 2012
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Sleep No More

Our collaboration with proprietor M. Martell of the McKittrick Hotel has been fruitful indeed. We've been busy adapting the set of playing cards we designed for the McKittrick's special events to produce an ongoing series of Limited Edition prints for sal