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Posted 11 June 2013
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The Great Gowanus Letterpress Paper and Ink Challenge, Part II

The results are in! After testing dozens of weights and finishes, we finally found a paper with a good balance of tactility and smoothness. This paper worked well with the letterpress printing process, while bringing out the lyrical quality of David Bisku

Posted 14 March 2013
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Declassified: the Great Gowanus Letterpress Paper and Ink Challenge, Part I

In our original translation of David Biskup's photograph of the Gowanus Canal (see our The original digital fileLetterpress print on Mohawk Superfine 260# DTCLetterpress print on Hahnemühle Copperplate Bright White 600 gsmThe Mohawk Superfine's smoo

Posted 12 October 2012
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Posted 22 October 2009
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Posted 2 October 2009
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Type Around the Studio

The other day, we pulled out a bunch of foundry type for a lead type project (post on that to come later). We were looking for some Futura, but I don't think we ended up finding the right size. In anycase, lots of other  type goodness came out of sto

Posted 13 August 2009
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Patrick’s Neon Bicycle

Our pals over at Lite Brite Neon recently created a bicycle out of neon tubes inspired by Patrick's ride, which was designed and manufactured by Alternative Needs Transportation. It's for the Sony Madison Avenue store.

Posted 5 March 2009
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Middle Cyclone

Listening to the full new Neko Case album, Middle Cyclone on NPR's site. Nice.

Posted 3 March 2009
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New furnitureFresh printing

Posted 21 February 2009
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Thank you Jakob Nylund for these sweet fonts, neatly packaged in Illustrator files. Reminds me of scanning and piecing together type from old font books, but the hard work is already done. And did I mention that they're free?

Posted 3 February 2009
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Lego-ing New York

Christoph Niemann has made some pretty sweet Lego "sculptures" of some New York things he's missing from far-away Berlin.Via Troy

Posted 25 January 2009
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Amazing Inauguration Panoramic Photo

Super amazing stitched "gigipan" image of Barack Obama's inauguration. 220 images stitched together. Click the snapshots below the main image to see some areas of the photo that people have found interesting. And make sure to check out the full-windo

Posted 30 December 2008
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Marginally Interesting

I got a new-old typewriter for Christmas! and it has such a cute face:

Posted 13 December 2008
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Mast Brothers Chocolate

I'm kind of in love with the Mast Brothers' packaging. The fact that it encases a bar of chocolate doesn't really hurt things either. Thanks to gnuf's flicker account for the pic.

Posted 5 December 2008
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Thomas Hooper

I'm loving how Hooper, an amazing tattoo artist, has created a brand for himself. The blog, merch, and a design portfolio. And, above all, his work provides for some stellar design inspiration: intricate patterning, challenging compositions (they're

Posted 2 December 2008
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Mini article about Den Apparently they are showing cool things there...

Posted 24 November 2008
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Killer letterpress project process

The chronicle of Cabel Sasser's design process for his wedding – including letterpress invitations. Lots of folks sharing this with us.Wouldn't expect anything less from one of the founders of the excellent Panic. We love Coda.