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Posted 21 October 2015
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Swayspace + Kreh Mellick

Introducing our new line of two-color letterpress cards, featuring the captivating illustrations of artist Kreh Mellick. They're available to order now!Kreh’s whimsical illustrations create an intimate space for fun, earnestness, and creativity. The stori

Posted 8 July 2013

Hadriano Stonecut Wins Battle Against Corrosion, Emerges as Head of Social Correspondence

The cool composure of this distinguished and understated personal stationery belies its rough beginnings. The road to success was not paved with gold, but pitted and pocked by lead's greatest enemy, corrosion.The story begins on the day our client and fri

Posted 11 June 2013
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The Great Gowanus Letterpress Paper and Ink Challenge, Part II

The results are in! After testing dozens of weights and finishes, we finally found a paper with a good balance of tactility and smoothness. This paper worked well with the letterpress printing process, while bringing out the lyrical quality of David Bisku

Posted 5 June 2013
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Dapper Dads

Towards the end of last year, the studio was all abuzz about textiles and patterns. The qualities of fabric, yarn, and lace seemed to hold limitless possibilities for reinterpration through the textural medium of letterpress printing. We followed our c

Posted 14 March 2013
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Declassified: the Great Gowanus Letterpress Paper and Ink Challenge, Part I

In our original translation of David Biskup's photograph of the Gowanus Canal (see our The original digital fileLetterpress print on Mohawk Superfine 260# DTCLetterpress print on Hahnemühle Copperplate Bright White 600 gsmThe Mohawk Superfine's smoo

Posted 11 September 2012
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SO–AND–SO Comes to Swayspace– in 3-D!

We knew when we saw this package from SO–AND–SO in the mail that this was gonna be good.Nello Russo and Anna Follo are the masterminds behind  SO–AND–SO magazine. The artistic and editorial duo collaborated with eBoy to create the

Posted 7 September 2012
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You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

This is the story of our printing process. In our quick video,  you'll see a bit of everything, from ink mixing to the roundtable discussions to trimming and of course, the printing. LOTS of printing.Kottke Stamen Map from Swayspace on Vimeo.With tec

Posted 31 August 2012
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From Brush to Pixel to Press

The folks at figured out how to incorporate hand-painted textures and algorithmic rule sets to create a series of gorgeous digital watercolor maps. We were asked by Jason Kottke to translate one of these maps into a letterpress printed piece, t

Posted 3 August 2012
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Sleep No More

Our collaboration with proprietor M. Martell of the McKittrick Hotel has been fruitful indeed. We've been busy adapting the set of playing cards we designed for the McKittrick's special events to produce an ongoing series of Limited Edition prints for sal

Posted 18 June 2012
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The Swayspace LetterPress Kit

Are you a member of the press, an event planner, or a design studio? Interested in getting a copy of the Swayspace LetterPress Kit? Drop us a line.The LetterPress Kit, designed and printed at Swayspace, contains information about the history of our shop,

Posted 25 April 2012
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Brides Magazine April 2012

Dewey' featured in Brides Magazine April 2012 issue

Posted 16 April 2012
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We Made It!

You may  recall that last year we were involved in the Art of Craftsmanship Revisted in conjunction with LVMH and Parsons. Out of that lovely curated show on Governors Island, we were picked as one of the subjects of a new book of artisans in New Yor

Posted 5 April 2012
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'Tis Wedding Event Season

We did it BIG this year!!Over the past couple of months, we've been getting ourselves sorted out to present our work at two of New York's premier wedding events: Wedding Crashers and New York Magazine Weddings. We've shed blood, sweat and tears (well, not

Posted 3 February 2012
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Get Yer Sweetheart Cards Here!

Love is in the air, or at least the smell of ink and California Wash.  Yes!  We’ve been busy bees in recent weeks, designing and printing a fabulous collection of sweetheart cards.From Top Left Clockwise: Loves Me/Loves Me Not, Mini Love Blind,

Posted 8 December 2011
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We're in a Show! New York Writes Itself

In June of this year, we were invited to participate in a letterpress show for a project called New York Writes Itself.New York Writes Itself (NYWI) is an amorphous creative production where the inspiration is created not by one person, rather an entire c

Posted 24 June 2010
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Knot Practical

Have you ever wondered how you might survive in the wild? Well, we at Swayspace certainly have: where the closest thing to the natural world are the mosquitoes that divebomb from the Gowanus in the summer. What could we urban soldiers and keyboard jockeys

Posted 24 May 2010
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We’re in an Art Show

We are excited to announce Swayspace's participation in a show highlighting the work of master craftsmen and artisans working in New York City. The show is part of the LVMH-sponsored project The Art of Craftsmanship Revisited: New York and opens this Wedn

Posted 6 May 2010
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The Feltron 2009 Annual Report : Behind the Scenes

After about two months, the Feltron 2009 Annual Report is officially completely printed! I don't think anyone quite understood the magnitude of the job until it was well underway. It's the biggest job Swayspace has printed, and in the end it was definitel

Posted 10 February 2010
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Preview : 2009 Feltron Annual Report

Most projects that come to Swayspace by way of letterpress are either wedding invitations or business cards, but every once in a while something different gets thrown into the mix. We were incredibly excited when friend of Swayspace, Nicholas Felton,

Posted 1 December 2009
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Holiday Cards

Happy Holidays from Swayspace! In preparation/celebration/anticipation of the holiday season, we've been printing some holiday themed stationery to be sold at the Makers Market here at the OAC Factory on Sundays.

Posted 24 November 2009

Taking Care of Business Cards

Having been the ironic printers without business cards for some time, it's incredibly exciting to finally have fresh sets in our hands. It was a long process of Patrick doing several designs and everyone voting on their favorites. We finally settled on a

Posted 29 October 2009
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Rainbow Roll

Patrick has been designing business cards for kids so parents can set up play-dates. It's part of a new business card system we're starting with pre-made designs and colors (shoot us and email: if you're interested). Of course, for ki

Posted 5 October 2009
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Makers Market Cards

A quick hand-set type project for The Market that we've been peddling our stationary at on Sundays. (This is what we pulled those fonts out for)We're also starting an exploration in printing business cards with the metal type for smaller business card run

Posted 15 September 2009
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Letterpress Lately

Remember Ben's teaser post, preparation anticipation ? It turned into this:The shop has been pretty busy the past couple months, here's a bit of what that side of Swayspace has been up to.Some business cards for Jos Buivenga of Exljbris, creator of many a

Posted 5 August 2009
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last market + field trip

Some pictures from the last 'Makers Market' at the Old American Can FactoryI decided to branch out from the usual thank you notes, and went with some gold and a lovely purple for my set that day. Here's the setup for the last card I printed—of cours

Posted 29 July 2009
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Posted 26 June 2009
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The Market at the Old American Can Factory

This Sunday from 11am–6pm Swayspace will be participating in The Market at the Old American Can Factory. We will be selling sets of our antique handset Thank You stationery as well as custom-printing-while-you-wait stationery. Set of 6 folde

Posted 14 May 2009
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Crazy Four Color Dither Update

the final print, not trimmedStatus = All pau!('Pau' [pronounced pow] is a Hawaiian word for done or finished. I think there's something more ebullient about that word than just saying 'it's done')All the stages/layers lined upregistration marksif you look

Posted 11 May 2009
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Fresh Printing: Letterpress Crazy Four Color Dither

Yes, that's right, I said dither. and letterpress and four color.Crazy?Yeah, I think I mentioned that too.Ben, Patrick and John start printing the yellow and cyan plates...and Willy's elbowOn Friday, the print shop got started by running the two Vandercoo

Posted 24 November 2008
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Killer letterpress project process

The chronicle of Cabel Sasser's design process for his wedding – including letterpress invitations. Lots of folks sharing this with us.Wouldn't expect anything less from one of the founders of the excellent Panic. We love Coda.