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Posted 1 March 2012
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Printin' @ MoMA

Whether  we're translating a photograph from digital to polymer media, printing with chocolate powder or on wood veneer, we’re always interested in combining the old and new, marrying the tradition of letterpress with modern innovations that suggest

Posted 23 February 2012
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Ed Rusha + craftspeople = kick ass

It sometimes seems like the contemporary art world is intent on spreading the word that hand work, craft & technique are not only beside the point of fine art, but actually stand in the way of it. Budding artists are often encouraged by their MFA'd mentor

Posted 28 March 2009
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Exterior Design: Fashion Follicles

My sister just opened her new salon in chicago. it's called Sparrow, but she's not flighty. My sister is effortlessly hip and it shows in the hairstyles she creates.So if you're in the windy city stop on by and see my elder sibling, Bathsheba Rachel Nemer