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Posted 11 July 2014
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Verse vendors: Lego my Whitman

Our very own Jeff Peterson makes headlines with his Lego portrait head of Walt Whitman.“There wasn’t a lot of planning, but there was a lot of micro-planning,” Peterson said. “Every moment became a new decision.”Read the full story

Posted 12 October 2012
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Posted 14 December 2011
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When we print, we turn up the base

For years, we've been using the same bases here at Swayspace. We’ve always preferred the Bunting bases for the amount of truly specific control they allow us to correct and highlight certain areas of what are essentially photographic images.  We have

Posted 24 May 2010
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We’re in an Art Show

We are excited to announce Swayspace's participation in a show highlighting the work of master craftsmen and artisans working in New York City. The show is part of the LVMH-sponsored project The Art of Craftsmanship Revisited: New York and opens this Wedn

Posted 24 November 2009

Taking Care of Business Cards

Having been the ironic printers without business cards for some time, it's incredibly exciting to finally have fresh sets in our hands. It was a long process of Patrick doing several designs and everyone voting on their favorites. We finally settled on a

Posted 5 August 2009
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last market + field trip

Some pictures from the last 'Makers Market' at the Old American Can FactoryI decided to branch out from the usual thank you notes, and went with some gold and a lovely purple for my set that day. Here's the setup for the last card I printed—of cours

Posted 9 March 2009
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A Seltzer Man never dies, he just loses his SPRITZ!

We've been using Eli Miller as our Seltzer Man for a few months now, and couldn't be happier with the service.Eli comes by every couple weeks armed with jokes, advice, and twenty bottles of delicious seltzer water.  He uses antique glass bottles, whi

Posted 3 March 2009
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