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Our collaboration with proprietor M. Martell of the McKittrick Hotel has been fruitful indeed. We’ve been busy adapting the set of playing cards we designed for the McKittrick’s special events to produce an ongoing series of Limited Edition prints for sale in the hotel’s online giftshop.


Illustrated, designed and letterpress printed in house, these prints allowed us to apply the full range of our skills.

Stay tuned for more royal characters coming soon! Currently in the pipeline are an Ace of Diamonds and a King of Hearts. Here’s a sneak peek…


18 June 2012




The Swayspace LetterPress Kit

Are you a member of the press, an event planner, or a design studio? Interested in getting a copy of the Swayspace LetterPress Kit? Drop us a line.

The LetterPress Kit, designed and printed at Swayspace, contains information about the history of our shop, how to get in touch and, of course,  is filled with samples of our letterpress work.


If you or someone you know is interested in obtaining a kit (or discussing a potential project),  get in touch. If you’re requesting a kit, let us know a little about who you are– it will help us customize your kit to suit your interests.

25 April 2012


News, Press

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NY Magazine Weddings Spring 2012

'Dragonfly meets Bear' featured in NY Magazine Weddings Spring 2012 issue

25 April 2012


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Brides Magazine April 2012

'Dewey' featured in Brides Magazine April 2012 issue

19 April 2012



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What the Beep?

Our very own Patrick Fenton, one half Swayspace partner and one whole design fanatic, was interviewed for the online article What the Beep? Why Digital Sounds Are so Annoying appearing on the blog LiveScience. Check him out!

Patrick Fenton, bathing in sound

16 April 2012



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We Made It!

You may  recall that last year we were involved in the Art of Craftsmanship Revisted in conjunction with LVMH and Parsons. Out of that lovely curated show on Governors Island, we were picked as one of the subjects of a new book of artisans in New York that was recently featured in the New York Times. Swayspace is the “letterpress print shop”  whose wood type is featured in the Times article:

We are so pleased at the book that Nathalie and Ted Sann have created and so excited to be included with so many skilled artisans. Made in New York is a reminder of the craftsmanship still being made today in New York City (especially in Brooklyn!). We’ve already got our copy, but you can pick yours up on Amazon right now!

‘Tis Wedding Event Season

We did it BIG this year!!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been getting ourselves sorted out to present our work at two of New York’s premier wedding events: Wedding Crashers and New York Magazine Weddings. We’ve shed blood, sweat and tears (well, not tears but…) designing and printing pieces for the events. One piece is a 5 color, 2 sided recipe card and acts a guide for couples looking to order wedding invitations

Said recipe cards, in their cute vintage Japanese recipe card holder

and the other is a 3 color press kit, reminiscient of a vintage book

Here’s the press kit in all its glory

(we’ll be sharing blog posts on both of these soon).

We conceived of two different booth designs that represented us well and suited each event to a tee.

Our Wedding Crashers table, made entirely from Freshdirect boxes
The New York Weddings table concept was “tools of the trade”. We used typecase drawers, composing sticks and all manner of studio accoutrement to assemble this table

Here are a selection of photos from the two events, starting off with Wedding Crashers:

Our pennants flying high at Wedding Crashers
Guests clamoring to take a peek at our book
The pretty interior of the Green Building; the space hosting Wedding Crashers 2012

…And now to New York Weddings:

Pat and Rachel chatting up some guests
We made paper flowers by printing on to coffee filters, and then dipping them in ink
The Metropolitan Pavilion hosted the event; a huge space filled to the brim with wedding specialists

After all that preparation, each event really went swimmingly. We made some great contacts with other folks in the wedding industry, met some lovely brides and grooms who were very complimentary of our work and we’re ready to get on with all the designing and printing we have lined up.

Printin’ @ MoMA

Whether  we’re translating a photograph from digital to polymer media, printing with chocolate powder or on wood veneer, we’re always interested in combining the old and new, marrying the tradition of letterpress with modern innovations that suggest new expressive possibilities.

printed from photopolymer plate at Swayspace

detail of dot pattern created for translation from digital to polymer

For more inspiration on how to creatively push the medium, check out Printin’, one of two print exhibitions currently on view at MoMA as part of their twenty year survey of the role of the print in contemporary art.

Curated by the artist Ellen Gallagher, Printin’ displays Gallagher’s epic print portfolio DeLuxe alongside works by artists of varying disciplines and time periods, all of whom use printmaking in ways that both celebrate and challenge the medium. Filmmakers, sculptors, collage artists, print makers and designers appear side by side in this show, linked by a shared drive to push beyond the perceived conceptual and physical limitations of the print.

Gallagher's print portfolio, "DeLuxe"

Ellen Gallagher

Two (of many) favorites from the show include Alois Auer’s bat and snakeskin impressions, created by pressing the objects between two lead plates and inking them, and a spread from Rodchenko and Stepanova’s USSR in Construction. But there are plenty of inspiring and curious works in the show, on view through May 14 in The Paul J. Sachs Prints and Illustrated Books Galleries, 2nd floor.

Ed Rusha + craftspeople = kick ass

It sometimes seems like the contemporary art world is intent on spreading the word that hand work, craft & technique are not only beside the point of fine art, but actually stand in the way of it. Budding artists are often encouraged by their MFA’d mentors to either eschew the development of hand skill altogether or to look forward to employing assistants or craftspeople as executors or surrogates for their carefully nurtured concepts.

While artists like Warhol and Koons made themselves famous by advertising and celebrating their physical detachment from their work, others commission outside experts only when their ideas reach beyond the limits of their own native physical skills.

The artist Ed Rusha, who first gained art world cred in the 1960s  his text paintings and artist books, combines high concept and high craft, hiring experts to take over when his projects demand it.

Check out the making of Ruscha’s 2002 artist book, Me and The, produced at USF Graphicstudio in Florida. The team was challenged to innovate contemporary adaptations of the ancient tradition of fore-edge painting to complete Ruscha’s book. Their attention to detail and the complexity of the process is pretty inspiring to watch.

Get Yer Sweetheart Cards Here!

Love is in the air, or at least the smell of ink and California Wash.  Yes!  We’ve been busy bees in recent weeks, designing and printing a fabulous collection of sweetheart cards.

Sweetheart Grouping One

From Top Left Clockwise: Loves Me/Loves Me Not, Mini Love Blind, The Girls, Mini Sweetheart Note Set

Varied in style and sentiment, there will be an occasion where one of these is going to work in your favor!

Sweetheart Grouping Two

From Top Left Clockwise: Mini Shadows Of Love, Mini Mittens, The Ol’ Ball And Chain, Love Blind Heart

From Top Left Clockwise:  Figures Of Love, BIG Feeling, Mini Heart, Shot Through The Heart

Guess where they’re being sold?  Only in our BRAND SPANKING NEW STORE!  Where you can buy ephemera for all manner of occasions, here look:

Store Card Grouping 01

Cards, All Sorts

So there it is, check out the store and buy some cards for your loved ones, or not so loved ones.

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