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Materials and Design

Mad 01

Materials and Design, by Mike Ashby and Kara Johnson, is a book about the selection of materials for product design, written specifically for students and practitioners of design. Through an intensely collaborative process, we contributed to the overall organization of the book and developed its visual structure and style. We then turned to the talented pens and brushes of Marco de Luca and Mario Petriccione in Torino, Italy to give life to the illustrations.

We did: Art Direction, Design Strategy, Graphic Design, Photo-editing, Copy-Editing

The table of contents.
A spread with photograph for case studies.
Mad 04
A spread with data visualizations.
Mad 05
A spread with commissioned illustrations.
Mad 06
A spread with another style of commissioned illustrations.
Mad 07
Introduction spread to the technical matter of the second half of the book.
Mad 08
Material profiles.
Mad 09
Molding process profiles.
Mad 10
Fastening process profiles.
9 of 24 Projects