Swayspace + Kreh Mellick

We’ve long admired illustrator Kreh Mellick’s ability to tell a story through her unique characters. We wanted to create letterpress cards that capture the eye and create a space for unique and intimate messages. Kreh was the perfect choice for this collaboration.

Kreh’s whimsical and evocative creations imbue our cards with an off-kilter energy that has the ability to surprise and delight. Her minimal color palate and illustrative style lend themselves well to letterpress, making space for us to give her drawings new life in a dynamic and sympathetic form.

Pluck these amazing artifacts out of the ether and send them by post posthaste to your dear ones.

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Swayspace + Kreh Mellick thank you letterpress card


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Since 2002, Swayspace has worked with amazing artists, designers, and clients on custom-made letterpress products. Inspired by the results of our previous collaborations, we teamed up with Kreh Mellick to make this new line of stationery.

What are your current sources of inspiration?

“Edward Gorey, children’s tales, folk art, and folklore are always a source of inspiration. I love to see a person’s hand in the work, something completely unique from anything that exists.”
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Swayspace + Kreh Mellick Happy Birthday letterpress card

Happy Birthday

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Can you tell us a little bit about the characters you created for the new line?

“Some of the characters I used had existed in earlier incarnations but were altered or pushed a little bit further to suit the themes that Swayspace presented. In other cases, I just reacted. Really, it is just sitting down and drawing characters until they feel right.”
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Can you tell us about your process in creating illustrations specifically designed for letterpress?

“I do have some experience with letterpress and printmaking but I always return to the immediacy of drawing. I really love every aspect of printing, particularly letterpress, but I always struggle with deciding on an image. There is just something there that does not transfer in my own printmaking process. I find collaborating with printmaker so rewarding, best of both worlds.”
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Swayspace + Kreh Mellick Get Well Soon letterpress card

Get Well Soon

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Can you talk a little about the significance of your signature colors, red and black?

“I have always been fascinated by ghost stories and things that exist around us that go unnoticed. So the black in my work was the perceivable/physical world and the red represented atmosphere or ghosts and spirits. That has probably changed over the years and the work but that was the idea I began with.”
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Swayspace + Kreh Mellick Let's Celebrate letterpress card

Let’s Celebrate

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How do you create your characters?

“Really it just is sitting down and drawing characters until they feel right. They all have a sort of strangeness in their figure, which is something that is intentional. I am not striving for realism but a sense of figure or purpose from the figure. Truly. I do not do much sketching before I make anything, so I hope that they come off as fast and stream of consciousness.”
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Swayspace + Kreh Mellick Let's Not Fight letterpress card

Let’s Not Fight

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Can you talk a little bit about your technique?

“I tend to be very minimal in my color palette and I think printmaking allows for experimentation and broadening the range of color. Of course, this collaboration kind of embraces my palette, which I love, but it really changes it up in a way that I do not generally use in my own work. Details in pattern and environment… it’s really nice to see.”
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Swayspace + Kreh Mellick Grateful Thanks letterpress card

Grateful Thanks

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