A Seltzer Man never dies, he just loses his SPRITZ!

Posted 9 March 2009 by Willy
Categories: Studio

We've been using Eli Miller as our Seltzer Man for a few months now, and couldn't be happier with the service.


Eli comes by every couple weeks armed with jokes, advice, and twenty bottles of delicious seltzer water. He uses antique glass bottles, which he fills himself in Canarsie. We go through about a case a week! There are so many great drinks to be made with seltzer:

Egg Cream: Mix chocolate or vanilla syrup ( Eli brings us Fox's U-Bet) with milk, and then spritz with spritzer.

Lime Ricky: Mix simple syrup with juice from a quarter of a lime, cherry or strawberry syrup, and spritz!

I haven't made the Lime Ricky yet, but I have been making all sorts of Italian and French sodas. All we need is malt and ice cream, and we would have the beginnings of a full soda fountain in the studio. I feel like this is something we should work towards.

If you live or work in Brooklyn, and are in need of a Seltzer Man / Life Coach then Eli Miller is your man. The Eli Miller Seltzer Delivery Service can be reached at 718-449-8697.