last market + field trip

Posted 5 August 2009 by Willy
Categories: Letterpress, Studio

Some pictures from the last 'Makers Market' at the Old American Can Factory

I decided to branch out from the usual thank you notes, and went with some gold and a lovely purple for my set that day. Here's the setup for the last card I printed—of course I had to go for 'howdy' if in this typeface.


more pictures from the market and a special field trip after the jump

On the press:


The rest of the cards from that day, good luck, happy birthday, howdy & aloha. The next market is this Sunday, August 9th and we'll most likely have these and more up for sale then, so stop by!


In other happenings...

The other day, we got to take a field trip down the hall to our old space, now occupied by Nathaniel Rowan: Luthier and he graciously showed us what he'd done with the space and explained his violin-making process. Kind enough to let me snap a few shots too! Here are some in progress violins—the top left is a form for a viola and the others are in various stages of production. You can see the progression from the bottom shelf up.


He takes these


And makes these


Pretty cool what a person can do for a living, eh?


Thanks again, Nathaniel!