SO–AND–SO Comes to Swayspace– in 3-D!

Posted 11 September 2012 by Willy
Categories: Letterpress

We knew when we saw this package from SO–AND–SO in the mail that this was gonna be good.

Nello Russo and Anna Follo are the masterminds behind  SO–AND–SO magazine. The artistic and editorial duo collaborated with eBoy to create the first issue, which was released in early 2011. We did the letterpress printing here at Swayspace while Nello hand bound, trimmed, cut, signed and stickered the edition in 2010 and early 2011. The result made our robot hearts skip a beat.

The cover of issue #01

A letterpress printed eBoy spread. Delicious!

An eBoy spread digitally printed by our friends at Rolling Press

So when he asked us earlier this year to print the slipcover for the next SO–AND–SO issue– a flip book in 3-D– we hopped to it. The printing went smoothly, and although we couldn't really "see" what we had printed (we left our 3-D glasses in the Lincoln Center I-Max recycle box back in 2009), we shipped it across the sea in May and hoped for the best.

And 4 months later, look what happened!

And look what happened then!

3-color 3-D slipcover printed at Swayspace. And 3-D glasses so we could finally see it!

Removing the slip cover reveals the flip book. We can't wait to look at it!

Pat, making it work and Hoogerbrugge, workin the dimples

Time to put your 3-D glasses on

This guy is dancing and running, believe us

Blair examines SO–AND–SO's 3-D handiwork, while Emma tries– and briefly fails– to stay focused on a phone meeting

Are you jealous? Do you wish you could see all we can see?  Let SO–AND–SO know!