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Raritan Headwaters

Raritan 01

Raritan Headwaters Association is a water conservation organization protecting the 470-square-mile North and South Branch Raritan watershed in New Jersey. Over the years, the branding program had become muddled and failed to embody that their mission had shifted to emphasize water conservation over land stewardship. Through exhaustive research we discovered that despite having been set aside years prior, the organization’s beloved original logo still held considerable brand equity and mindshare in the community. With that key insight, we were able to overhaul the branding to bring it in line with the organization’s new focus while reconnecting to it’s legacy.

We did: Design Strategy, Identity Design, Art Direction, Video Direction

Raritan 03
This animation unveiled the new branding and demonstrated its evolution from branding from years past. To create the video, friend of Swayspace Justin Willow animated these keyframes from our storyboard.
4 of 24 Projects