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The Clearing House Storytelling

Clearinghouse Storytelling 01

The Clearing House, a banking association owned by the largest commercial banks in the country, is currently working to modernize the nation’s payments infrastructure. We worked with them and member banks to develop realistic storytelling scenarios to explain the logistics and benefits of the emerging Real-Time Payments system to key audiences: executives at member banks, business banking customers, and eventual end-users. View the full stories.

We did: Storytelling, Web Design, Web Programming

Clearinghouse Storytelling 02 Clearinghouse Storytelling 03
Overlays of the software reveal what the characters see on screen while maintaining the visibility of the context of the scene.
Clearinghouse Storytelling 04 Clearinghouse Storytelling 05
A character’s face shows disappointment about spoiled goods and her phone allows her to request a discount to buy replacements.
Clearinghouse Storytelling 06
A summary of the perspectives of the various characters in the story.
Clearinghouse Storytelling 07
A process map displays all the steps required for a real-time payment.
2 of 12 Web Projects