Dapper Dads

Posted 5 June 2013 by Willy
Categories: Design, Letterpress

Towards the end of last year, the studio was all abuzz about textiles and patterns. The qualities of fabric, yarn, and lace seemed to hold limitless possibilities for reinterpration through the textural medium of letterpress printing. We followed our curiosity, and came up with our holiday-sweater-inspired  Holiday cards. We followed up with a variation on a theme for our Mother’s Day cards.

Our latest card, the Father’s Day Dapper Dad cards celebrating all the dashing and debonair fathers in our lives, represents our most recent iteration.

After some experimentation with the scanner, the camera, and some hand-drawn sketch work, we bid to stay away from the linearity of some vector illustrations by tracing a real shirt and tie, emphasizing the ticking in the shirt, the herringbone weave in the tie and the ebbs and flows of the contrasting patterns.

We printed the three colors that form the stripes of the tie first. We put in extra packing for the final plate, impressing deeply into the paper in order to mimic the textural qualities of the fabric itself. For the ghosted tie image on the back of the card, we made a conscious decision to minimize the punch– we wanted to leave your writing surface as smooth and well-groomed as the dad you adore.

You can order your Dapper Dad cards through our online store, or pick them up at Lion In the Sun in Park Slope, By Brooklyn in Carroll Gardens, and Sparrow Hair in Chicago.

Happy Father's Day, dapper dads.