Lunchtable Links Aug 11, 2015

Posted 11 August 2015 by Kate
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  • Bon Appetit makes full use of 11 second videos to show people the right way to cut up tricky summer fruit [Instagram]
  • Benedict Cumberbatch asks fans not to record Hamlet [Vanity Fair]
  • This Onion article that is hilarious and sadly accurate about how women (especially famous women) are treated like they'd be lucky to date whatever neanderthal would have them... I feel a feminist rant coming on... [The Onion]

Lunchtable Links Aug 7, 2015

Posted 7 August 2015 by Kate

Almost full house at lunch today = weirder lunchtable links.

  • Jon Stewart's last show [Variety]
  • Madonna's henna'd geisha phase ... [YouTube]
  • Tom Green & The Bum Bum Song [YouTube]
  • Accidentally mimicking other people's accents & feeling weird about it [NBC News]

Lunchtable Links Aug 6, 2015

Posted 6 August 2015 by Kate
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Today at lunch we talked about

Lunchtable links: Aug 5, 2015

Posted 5 August 2015 by Kate
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We at Swayspace share a meal and lots of laughs at lunch. Here are some of the things we've shared today

  • The beautiful photography of Cass Bird [Instagram]
  • "Millennial men aren't the dads they thought they'd be" [NY Times]
  • The tensile strength of leather pants (SFW edition) [The Guardian]
  • Feeling at home in New York and elsewhere [The Atlantic]
  • This very cool curated list of things in cities across the world, including a section on our home in Gowanus, by our friends at Hyperakt [On The Grid]

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Verse vendors: Lego my Whitman

Posted 11 July 2014 by Willy
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Our very own Jeff Peterson makes headlines with his Lego portrait head of Walt Whitman.

“There wasn’t a lot of planning, but there was a lot of micro-planning,” Peterson said. “Every moment became a new decision.”

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