Sleep No More

Posted 3 August 2012 by Willy
Categories: Design, Letterpress

Our collaboration with proprietor M. Martell of the McKittrick Hotel has been fruitful indeed. We've been busy adapting the set of playing cards we designed for the McKittrick's special events to produce an ongoing series of Limited Edition prints for sale in the hotel's online giftshop.

Illustrated, designed and letterpress printed in house, these prints allowed us to apply the full range of our skills.

Stay tuned for more royal characters coming soon! Currently in the pipeline are an Ace of Diamonds and a King of Hearts. Here's a sneak peek...

The Swayspace LetterPress Kit

Posted 18 June 2012 by Willy
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Are you a member of the press, an event planner, or a design studio? Interested in getting a copy of the Swayspace LetterPress Kit? Drop us a line.

The LetterPress Kit, designed and printed at Swayspace, contains information about the history of our shop, how to get in touch and, of course,  is filled with samples of our letterpress work.

If you or someone you know is interested in obtaining a kit (or discussing a potential project),  get in touch. If you're requesting a kit, let us know a little about who you are– it will help us customize your kit to suit your interests.

Brides Magazine April 2012

Posted 25 April 2012 by Willy
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Dewey' featured in Brides Magazine April 2012 issue

NY Magazine Weddings Spring 2012

Posted 25 April 2012 by Willy
Categories: News, Press

Dragonfly meets Bear featured in NY Magazine Weddings Spring 2012 issue.

What the Beep?

Posted 19 April 2012 by Willy
Categories: News

Our very own Patrick Fenton, one half Swayspace partner and one whole design fanatic, was interviewed for the online article What the Beep? Why Digital Sounds Are so Annoying appearing on the blog LiveScience. Check him out!

Patrick Fenton, bathing in sound