Swayspace is a design studio. We see the potential in our clients’ ideas and 
make them happen.

Our letterpress printshop grew from our obsession with process, materials, and experimentation.

Recent updates from Swayspace

Swayspace + Kreh Mellick

Introducing our new line of two-color letterpress cards, featuring the captivating illustrations of artist Kreh Mellick. They're available to order now! Kreh’s whimsical illustrations create an intimate space for fun, earnestness, and creativity. The stories are right there on th...

Lunchtable Links Aug 26, 2015

Seeing Halloween costumes on Pinterest is reminding us of the holidays, when we get to be Back Home Ballers [YouTube]It's a rough day on the old internet, so take a minute and practice your self-care. We recommend these pictures...

Lunchtable Links Aug 25, 2015

We're all about conspiracy theories today! This crazy and captivating story about a woman who learned that the father of her oldest son was a spy keeping tabs on her and her animal rights organization [New Yorker]Do crisper drawers...