Lunchtable Links Aug 26, 2015

Posted 26 August 2015
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  • Seeing Halloween costumes on Pinterest is reminding us of the holidays, when we get to be Back Home Ballers [YouTube]
  • It's a rough day on the old internet, so take a minute and practice your self-care. We recommend these pictures of Drake smiling at things [Bustle]
  • We talked the beef/misunderstanding between Jay-Z and Marina Abramovic and the strange symbiotic relationship between fine art and pop culture [Pitchfork]

Lunchtable Links Aug 25, 2015

Posted 25 August 2015
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We're all about conspiracy theories today!

  • This crazy and captivating story about a woman who learned that the father of her oldest son was a spy keeping tabs on her and her animal rights organization [New Yorker]
  • Do crisper drawers really make a difference? We're still investigating (we're thinking probably not), but this article about organizing a fridge seems like it might make more room for afternoon snacks [The Kitchn]
  • Not conspiracy-related: We talked cantilevers as a simple classroom challenge, which got us thinking about how much bigger cantilevers work. As always, there are some great architectural examples on The Internet [Dezeen]

Swayspace on Pinterest

Posted 24 August 2015
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Oh hey, we're on Pinterest!

We've been using it to gather inspiration, favorite designers, and other great stuff we want to have a click away. Join us and let's have some fun!

Lunchtable Links Aug 24, 2015

Posted 24 August 2015
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There were only a few people at lunch today, but we talked about a lot about movies and TV shows

  • Our favorite horror movies, that may or may not have scared the bejeezus out of us [Ed. note: The Ring is my scariest, but not my favorite because it was TOO SCARY.] [Rotten Tomatoes]
  • 90s TV shows that totally hold up. Our favorites this week: MacGyver and Star Trek: TNG. [AV Club]
  • Isabella Rossellini is awesome. This interview of her and Mario Batali is so cool and Italian [Interview Magazine]

Lunchtable Links Aug 19, 2015

Posted 19 August 2015
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Recommendations from the Swayspace team to get you through a mid-week slump..

  • Under the Skin is a weird, beautiful, and atmospheric movie, and everyone should watch it so we can talk about it [Metacritic]
  • The Magicians is a fantasy trilogy for the Harry Potter generation now that we're older [Amazon]
  • For a slightly shorter – yet very emotional – experience, listen to this Radiolab story from Jon Ronson about the artificial intelligence of Bina48 and the very human story behind it. [Radiolab]
  • If watching The Knick on HBO Go doesn't sound appetizing, listening to Sawbones is a great way to learn about the history of medicine without being so grossed out by fake gore. [Sawbones]