10 February 2010

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Preview : 2009 Feltron Annual Report

Most projects that come to Swayspace by way of letterpress are either wedding invitations or business cards, but every once in a while something different gets thrown into the mix. We were incredibly excited when friend of Swayspace, Nicholas Felton, decided to have us letterpress print his Feltron 2009 Annual Report. The report is sixteen pages of lovely information design comprised of Nicholas’s personal data collected throughout 2009.

A four-color, sixteen page (four double-sided sheets), 8″x10″ booklet is no small order for letterpress printing. At the beginning of this week, we started running some proofs on the press; we were testing color, pressure, registration and checking for areas we might have some trouble with. Nicholas himself stopped by the studio to see how things were going and to make some decisions about how he wanted it printed. What follows are a few photos of this proofing process. Check back later for our post on the finished product, and don’t forget to pre-order your own copy!

A proof of a page of the report and a very serious meeting in the background

A test plate on the press

Checking out a Mock-up

Sweater Twins and Ben making decisions

Different proofs of the Grey plate

Hoping for this as the end result!


Posted by
Micah Vono
19 February 2010 @ 6pm

Looks great!

Posted by
Pedro Amado
19 February 2010 @ 7pm

Wow! It really looks great!

Nice photos. And look the differences from the plate (that looks so rough) to the end result.

Can’t wait to see-touch-smell-and-feel-the-letterpress-printing (this is me waiting eagerly for a copy of it to arrive in the mailbox…)

Posted by
Edial Dekker
19 February 2010 @ 7pm

This is great, thanks a lot for sharing. I really can’t wait before I get to Feltron 2009 report…!

Posted by
Sidney Blank
19 February 2010 @ 7pm

Letterpress? What gorgeous madness. I can’t wait to get mine next month.

Posted by
19 February 2010 @ 7pm

looks lovely! can’t wait to have one in my hands. thanks for the behind the scenes.

Are you having to register composite colour with those 4 inks? incredible if so, given the fineness of some of the line work in there.

good luck with it :o )

Posted by
Caitlin Aoki
19 February 2010 @ 8pm

Looking good. Thanks for sharing the process. Can’t wait to see my copy!

Posted by
22 February 2010 @ 10am

Thanks for the encouraging words, everyone.

@Woot: Yep, there’s some tight registration required. But each form is actually only 2 colors, so it’s not so bad. We’re used to that. In these photos you can see 4 colors because different spreads use a different second colors, so we were proofing all of those just to get a feel for how they’ll turn out. We have done some 4-colr process, though: Crazy Four Color Dither Update

Posted by
24 February 2010 @ 9am

I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these. What paper are you using?

Posted by
3 March 2010 @ 2pm


How does one get a copy of the annual report?

Posted by
6 March 2010 @ 5pm

@Scott, it’s French Durotone Butcher White 80lb cover.

@Carol, try Feltron’s Shop.

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